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About trIVIA plus

Over 20 years of combined entertainment, design & content research!

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Trivia Plus is owned by business partners Michael Kidd and Kye Brown. As trivia fans ourselves, after attending too many dull trivia nights we decided we wanted something more fun and interactive than a boring old pub quiz. So we made it!

Michael is a self-proclaimed trivia fanatic, book lover and movie nerd! He has always had a love for trivia, growing up watching Sale of the Century and playing Trivial Pursuit with his family. As a young game show fan, he was carry over champion on Wheel of Fortune at age 18!


With a passion for knowledge, Michael went into his adult life studying and learning as much as he could about as much as he could. Michael has a thirst for a challenge and to be the best trivia nerd. He has travelled around the world and played trivia in many different countries along the way. 


After being a favourite on ANOTHER of Australia's most famous TV shows GOGGLEBOX AUSTRALIA, Michael started to design his own style of trivia.


Kye is a self-proclaimed music fanatic, entertainer, singer, musician and businessman who has been drawing in crowds for the last 20 years, entertaining people on a regular basis at hugely popular shows across Australia. Kye has also provided live entertainment and marketing solutions for licensees and hoteliers for more than fifteen years.


Kye's vast experience with running a successful music and community entertainment business for over a decade has given him an insight to almost every trivia available here in Australia and online.

After booking and attending hundreds of trivia quiz nights from other companies that were boring, unimaginative and monotonous, Kye realised there was a hole in the market for an entertaining, interactive trivia quiz show.


He has seen his fair share of what works and what doesn't work: BORING trivia quizzes don't work! Too often Kye has seen a handful of people in a room silently waiting for a monotone voice to call a question. NO THANKS!


Michael and Kye formed Trivia Plus to provide a fun, interactive and exciting yet challenging trivia that the modern market is hungry for.


Welcome to Trivia Plus!


Come and experience a NEW TYPE OF QUIZ SHOW with Trivia Plus TODAY!

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