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What makes Trivia Plus so much better than other shows?

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Challenging yet fun!

Our original trivia content is designed to
test your knowledge and really get you thinking.

With questions on a huge range of topics and categories, from Geography to Sport, from Disney to The Beatles, a Trivia Plus show is guaranteed to have something for everyone!

HD multimedia rounds

All of our content is presented in high definition and our multimedia rounds are so much fun.

Including guess the scene, finish the lyrics, celebrity facemorph, Video Musical Bingo and MORE! 

Our familiar gameshow-style rounds will have you teaming up, facing off and playing head to head. Trying to outsmart, outplay and out guess your opponent. Trivia has never been so much fun!

Social, loud and active

One up, ALL UP!! Trivia Plus aims to get our players up and out of their seats, having fun and playing some new and challenging trivia games.

Know the answer? Yell out the wrong one and see if you can fool the other teams!

Team up with your family and friends to take on double points rounds, true or false competitions plus much more hands on, interactive and social fun.

Hands-on trivia

No phones, controllers or gimmicky devices. We believe in using good old fashioned pen and paper. 

We spend so much time staring at devices... at Trivia Plus it's just you and your brains. 

We encourage communication, cooperation, team building and hands-on FUN!

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New, Fresh Content

We LOVE keeping up with trends, local and international news plus history and pop culture! Our trivia rounds are constantly being updated with new content and new rounds are being designed every week.

Custom rounds for private and corporate events, kid's themes and traditional themed nights are created to entertain any crowd and any age.

Ask us about our trivia packages today... 

contact us today!

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